The Life Of A Nigerian Youth

I’ve always had a passion for writing but this is the first piece of story written by me I’m posting on this platform,hope you enjoy it.

***The Life Of A Nigerian Youth***
by C.K. Ezeanwu

Chukwudi Okoye at the age of 20 is frustrated and tired of being stagnant but his eyes is open to a world of possibilities when he gains admission to study Anatomy in The Federal University Of Nonny[FUNNY].The story revolves around Friendship,Education,Endurance,and Dreams.

All characters and incidents in this book are fictional;any resemblance to real person or incident is coincidental.

He glanced at the portrait that hung at the back of his door and sighed before dozing off~ a custom he had developed over the years.

Chukwudi! He groaned and repeated some words which made no sense and fell back asleep. Chukwudi! He rose to the familiar sound of the voice of his younger sister,”won’t you wash daddy’s car,you know how he behaves when you forget”,Nenye said. Chukwudi rummaged his drawer and found his wrist watch,shit! it’s 6:25,he ran out through the backdoor like a man being chased by an angry mob.

Mrs Okoye hummed to the tune of an Igbo Christian song while preparing for breakfast., “Daddy come have a cup of tea before leaving”,she urged her husband. Daddy is the word used by a large percentage of women in Nigeria to refer their husband and in turn the husband refers to the wife as Mummy. Unlike some other countries where you see a 70 year old man refer to his wife as “Baby” or “Honey” but I guess that will be really odd in Nigeria. Mr Okoye glanced at the clock then replied that he had an important meeting he couldn’t miss,before exiting the sitting room.

“How many times will I tell you to make sure that the car is washed before 6:00 A.M”,Chukwudi’s father said.”you only know how to eat and play around with all those girls”…”but…but…sir…”,Chukwudi interrupted. “Shut up! Thank your stars i have somewhere important to be ‘onye ibe ri be’ “,Mr Okoye hissed and got into the car.

Sighing, Chukwudi thought about the last four years of his life,he had finished secondary school and was full of expectations,he never thought he would still be in his parents house seeking admission into the University and listening to the insults of his father. Nigeria is a country where seeking higher education is like looking for gold at the bottom of the Ocean,one has to go through rigorous processes and series of examinations which includes: The West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination or any recognized o level examination, JAMB UTME and post UTME.

Due to the unreliability of JAMB exam post UTME was implemented by Universities and other higher institutions to ascertain if a student is really qualified to study in the institution. One would think that JAMB examination would be cancelled leaving only post UTME but it is believed that passing two examinations is the only way to ensure a student is qualified.

However corruption in Nigeria has seeped into everywhere,starting from the Government to Hospitals, Banks, Schools etc. People are seen paying huge sums of money to write their exams in special centers where they are given answers to the questions and are allowed to bring in extraneous materials to the examination halls. Although the introduction of Computer Based Test[CBT] exams has reduced the number of student who bribe their way through, the use of JAMB and post UTME exam results is a ploy by the Universities and the Government to extort money from students.

Chukwudi originally aspired to be a Medical Doctor but after writing JAMB for four times consecutively he finally applied for Anatomy and prayed to be given any course “even Fish Farming or Zoology”,he would say. Courses like Fish Farming,Zoology,Soil Science etc was the nightmare of every student in Nigeria,which made the mention of such course seem so bad but in other countries these courses had significance and one will be proud to pursue a career. In Nigeria people preferred to invest the money for school fees and expenses in business rather than pursuing a degree in such course for four years.

Chukwudi snapped back into reality and went into the house. “Breakfast is ready”,his sister informed him, “I’ll be there after brushing”,he replied kicking his door open and collapsing on his bed before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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