Teaching Is My Life

Teaching Is My Life

As some persons are happy

Going into the house of the lord,

I’m happy going into a classroom

Happy I would teach young minds

I paced to and fro like a King in his courtyard

Throwing and answering questions

In my best possible way.


Many are teaching

Very few are teachers

Teachers of note and credence

Are as rare as Painite.


This is what I wanted to do

It’s what I have prepared for, all my life

It isn’t to me a last resort

As it is to several others

Who couldn’t nail their dream jobs

Hopped into noble profession

For fear of being tagged failure

Or like some others

Who are chilling on the job

Till what they wanted come their ways.


Teaching is my life

I love what it is and what it means

I embrace its ups and downs with joy and jocund

If there be rewards, I will take

If isn’t, I will be glad for doing what I like.

Teaching is my life

Just as my life teaches.

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