I Am North

I Am North

I’m not western, am culture
I am not a gateman, I’m Aboki (your friend)
I am not bureau-de change; I facilitate money supply
I am not violent
I am not stereotyped
I am not a murderer
I am humane
I am literate
I am not dry like the savannah in me
I am not hot like the sun in me

I am the food basket of the nation (Benue)
I am the confluence (kogi)
I rule the country
I own a large portion of the nation
I am North
I am the centre of learning (Kaduna)
I am the centre of commerce (Kano)
I am the home of hospitality (katsina)
I am the placw of harmony (Kwara)
I am also the power state (Niger)


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  1. what is this? A poem or an intended nursery rhyme? I don’t know why admin should approve this kind of think. If you don’t like my comment change your ways and stop writing this kind of thing.

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