Sounds Of Silence



So she turned your request down
And your talk was “You shall see”
thus a plot was laid, by you and your accomplice to do the devil’s bid, rape the innocent lady who is supposedly arrogant for not replying you when you beckoned on her “heyz, fine girl”
She was like, “what the?”
You proceeded to draw her by the waist, and “Slaam” on your face landed a slap by the petite you wanted to befriend for her massive waist and great chest.

Okay, let’s say she disgraced you for being so ill-mannered and calling a campus girl in such tosh manner, and proceeded to slap you, Oga Scorpion (gbogbo Uniben) for trying to sexually harass her.

The next thing to do was RAPE her to TEACH HER THE LESSON OF HER LIFE

The plan was carried out after lectures; you, who is in school not to learn but to cause ruckus had assembled guys to go bundle her; like sticks from her dorm and into the bush, where the deed to show her who’s boss is to be carried out
After several threats from her to report you to the police station and have you and your gang arrested, a little-two slap maimed her and you; Master of Ceremony opened your zip and went in with the subconscious lady.
Twenty minutes of agony for my dear sister, that would get stuck in her head forever
“Please, please, please”, you loved to hear those words from your taunted prey
“Next time, you will never slap a scorpion and not expect it to sting you, this is my sting” was what your reply sounded like and you and the guys all laughed hysterically, proud to be instigators of misfortune for ‘gbogbo biz girls’

Next? you barked!

And the gang gathered together to all take a share of the NATIONAL CAKE, a fresh product of Uniben whose life would never remain the same from that day onward.
Take your turn and enjoy what Baba left for us to enjoy, bro
Don’t be a cowards, you may never enjoy such fresh product anymore in your life, the whined as they took rounds on my dear sister.

A day of pain, who to tell?

Off to the police station, two weeks after recuperating in the hospital, she goes to make enquiries on the RAPE CASE her friends had gone to file earlier

What were you putting on that fateful day?
Was it a miniskirt?
Was it a designer clothing?
Were you on crop tops?
Who are your witnesses to this?
Were you able to recognize the guys?
Did you offend them prior to that date? all these and more were the questions postulated by the officer who obviously had taken no turn as regards your report.

Is this life?
Is this fair?
Such question grow wings in her head and she is forced to talk!

For days, she cannot eat, talk nor learn
It is more than just the sex!

It’s emotion, it’s trauma, it’s a man-made curse, it’s a physical ghost that torments her every time,

It’s emotion, it’s trauma, it’s a man-made curse, it’s a physical ghost that torments her everytime

“no to RAPE”

She has to be shy, she has to be withdrawn from guys, she has to hate men
For she was hurt by one of them, a scorpion that stung her.

She will forever bear that in her mind and will never let go.

From a friend that cares,
-The boy


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