Heart Ache

I think of your smiles,
Your lovable laughter, your funny frowns,
I think of you and my heart aches.

I think of moments shared,
Pleasant and unpleasant. The drink and food,
of music and deep conversations.
I think of you and my heart aches.

I know! Still your heart beats
for the Judas that stabbed it.
I know! For you I won’t be right
And this aches my heart.

Yes! After all these years
of you being married with kids.
My heart still aches.

And when your Nabal punches
and I see your swollen lips,
my heart aches.

I know! My above rambles
nothing to you it means.
And the more my heart aches,
When I know! You don’t realise
that for you my heart aches.

© Aluko Oluwaremilekun 2018.
All Rights Reserved.
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