Becoming Eighteen

Now I can go to jail
Have for myself, a bad name
If I take the wrong steps
And follow evil men

One that I would carry with me for the rest of life, in shame
One that would follow me till I join my brothers in Hades
I fear for I will soon be leaving the teens
But no worries, for I am still a kid to Him

Now I can serve life imprisonment
For murdering a soul whether I did or did not, since I was there
Now I am a man
What will I grow up as?

A bad or a good one?
I do not know and can not say what I want
For the world is all wrong
And what they see as good is actually not

I am becoming eighteen
I will no longer be known as a teen
But an adult
Who would learn from people and life, all sorts

Welcome to the world, son
Say this to me for
all I did in the past was learn
Now we’ve gotta put what we learnt to fend for ourselves

In this market of life,
We’ve gotta struggle to not get behind
Life’s gonna move on whether we like it or not
Whether or not we want it to be solved.

Now I know no thing,
Yet, I plan to and will learn every thing
All I wish to happen, I will do them
And not like them, complain rather than make wishes real.

I am and will always be ME,
May He help me.

©Emmiasky Ojex
From FOR BOYS TURNING MEN (the personal version)

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