When i think of the time i spent with her, it draws tears to my eyes — an old memory buried deep inside of me. Love does not sleep she once said but she’s asleep now — never to be awaken. I dreamt about the color of her hair last night — ghostly brown, that’s what i like to call it. Her glistening grey eyes reminded me of the morning after the storm and the rain had had a hard fight .

She’s the reason for my beating heart. Why the blood in my veins run with the speed of light. She brightened my world with her smile, just her smile gave hope to every day of my existence .

It’s another day in this world without her. Without her warm heart melting my frozen heart. Without her words chastising my wrongs.

I’ve missed every part of her, every part i never explored. No, i don’t mean her fruit. I could not have taken it without her consent. Unlike those bastards that ripped it from her. I pray and hope for the day they’ll fall short of luck — i will be their waterloo. But rest now my love. Rest till we meet again in the land love never sleeps away.

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