We Are Oliver Twists


A street hawker in Port-Harcourt prays that God provides heavily congested traffic
A rich man in Lagos prays to avoid every congested traffic
All these people are children of God
After all, whether from the church or mosque, they both pray to the same God
At this point I would ask if God shall rob Peter to pay Paul
Are we not Oliver Twists after all?
When a girl becomes a woman, she prays to God to become a mother
When her fetus comes of age, she prays to God for safe delivery
When her baby begins to grow, she prays to God to keep her baby
When her baby is won and grown, she prays to God for grandchildren
Sometimes I wonder why a boy must become a man
Sometimes I wonder why a girl must become a mother
Sometimes I wonder why there is day and night
Sometimes I wonder why I am even asking these questions
Somehow I knew the answer when I read Oliver Twist
When the kitchen is stuffed and the cabinet spaces not blank.
When there is excess money in the bank,
we may not find much reason to cook.
Only the rich or wealthy says life is good.
Only a hungry stomach asks for food.
Only Oliver Twist asks for more

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