Towards A Working Democracy

Towards A Working Democracy

All we need is a working system

Where public funds are utilize to the core

From the one in the government to the one out there

Ruled or rule each one has part to play

Towards a working democracy


Delivering the real mandate of democracy

Having people in mind making their opinions count

In all what you do carry them along

Never left any stone untouched

Making it work out in every sectors of the economy


The state has come to resemble

The citizen in which she exist

With so much below the living standard

Of the masses at large

Towards a working democracy


Of a truth the government has failed

In its capacity of delivering the true essence of democracy

From the point of which it was elected and created

But the people are still living below the poverty line

Suffering in the midst of plenty


The one that voted them into power

Living large and living fine

While the one that gave the mandate

Suffering living so lining

Towards a working democracy


Our democracy is sick and ready to die

Many years ago we caught that fever

Of been a democrat state but alas

Many years down the line we still ask

Are really practicing the real essence of democrat


From the cities of our street

Is everything really working out

The true essence of been a democrat

Democracy is for all the people not for a selected few

Towards a working democrat


The time has come to yield a clarion call

Is a solemn call to one and all who’s got the heart of the nation

That want to change history the long status quo

Of poor and unfruitful kind of leadership

Towards a working democracy is what we need nothing else

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