The Invasion

I heard the sound
Coming from afar
I looked over the hills
I couldn’t tell the sound

Mountains melted
Waters scattered the land
The sun cried
Cos she was asked to leave

Then I could feel my feet
Moved my whole body
Just like a click
Then I remember

I heard the noise
This time I know the location
My heart was tumbled
It was the INVASION

The holy book was right
His eyes are fire
His voice sound like thunder

I stood towards the east
I noticed a stain
Couldn’t hold myself
I cry a river

I saw the light
Flashed before my eyes
Unable to behold it
I ran

It was the INVASION
This time it was real
I saw his magnificent light
Glowing in the dark

It is burning in my heart
It is making me go mad
I wasn’t INVADED
Because I was a sinner


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