She Would be Here

She Would be Here

Unbidden tears rolled down my cheeks. It was happening, what I’d feared the most. She was leaving despite all my efforts to stop her. I would be worthless without you. I won’t be able to wake in the morning, for my morning would be night without you.

It was happening, what I’d dreaded the most. She would close her eyes and I will vanish, swallowed by darkness.
Her memories would be a chain around my neck, I will wear it till the end of time.

But she would not be with me when I grow grey and toothless and absentminded. She would not see our daughter when she grow into a beautiful bride. She would not see our grand children playing in the yard and the green field. She will not be there when I close my eyes and take my final nap.

But she would be here when I open my eyes and all I will see are lights — a canopy of lights, blinding lights. Where gravity holds no territory, where I would be a floating time swimming in a formless stream. Where i would be naked as i was born and blank as a clean slate.

She would be here when i take my first step, oblivious and instinctive. She would be here, embracing me into this fledgling world but I won’t know it’s her.

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