Man!! Stop the Blackmail – I am a feminist.

All I ask for is equality…not sameness.

Religion is currently a tool for blackmail as men keep subjecting their women to an absurd level of slavery, claiming the man has been placed over the woman from the very beginning and backing up their claims with excerpts from both the Bible and the Quran.

It is sad that people mistake equality for sameness and even domination. it would be an insult on any woman’s personality if called a man… if I was the one, I will seriously share a bag of trouble with whoever attributes me to a man. I am a feminist! That is who I am. I want equality, I only want to be placed on the same pedestal as a man but do not want to be a man. I am naturally a multitasker, that is who my creator made of me. I am a mother, a good one at that, a wife, the supporter of my husband as well as a very intelligent human. I am the whole body of the family while my husband the man of the house is ‘JUST’ the head.

The world today is changing, the social and religious prescribed role of the man is now being observed by the woman yet she is expected to be subservient…I don’t mean her to be rebellious or rude, every member of the family needs to be treated with respect, but it is a surprise that this woman who has assumed the position of a good home maker is appreciated with battering from the male folk simply because they feel inferior whenever their wives gain more economic power. They accuse the women of cheating and some even steal or extort them.

Why can’t men accept that reality and adjust to it? Do men realize that the society has impoverish women down in poverty & subservience for centuries and that those chains of impoverishment can still be seen around? Does this sudden inferiority complex suggest that men miss and are yearning for those centuries of male machismo, superiority, patriarchy & chauvinism? Shouldn’t they rather rejoice that women are gaining their long-awaited well-deserved freedoms?

I saw something very funny at first bank ATM stand in Yobe state, Nigeria. 4 men are equivalent to 1 woman… I mean 4 men are to make cash withdrawal and other transactions before a woman is allowed to, irrespective of when and how she got there…gender inequality.
Women are the major chunk of the society…according to statistics…why don’t you put us into the labour force to reduce poverty. We constitute a large chunk of the society…empower us…and stop seeing us as over ambitious.

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