For The Children Of Beggars

For The Children Of Beggars

hungry children

We are children of beggars
we have no choice but to automatically harness our little talent
or what we know it as
knowing how to beg and prolly wash cars

Since we’re surrounded by poverty
penury, and a radical outlook of insanity
We live our lives with no strings attached to it
all we do is just for us and those in our surroundings (family)

We’re children of beggars
Life’s hard those on the outside
They complain of mere power outs
But then, do we even know what’s called light?

In here is pitch-black
our raggy clothes own their rags
Even us is black and dark
Life for us is to black that it’s gone stark

Please help we children of beggars
We don’t know what is called life
To us, it’s just pure strife and massive plights
But with your help, we can have in life, better times

©Emmiasky Ojex

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