…uneducated Bullet

…uneducated Bullet

Early life when he just started life

Was armed with the necessary things

That will make life easy for him to live through life

He was shown the best two factors to make him great

As life goes on after the first day


He started drifting away from the track

He left the pathway to greatness

Form allies with good for thing fellow

Life flows some high just on and on like that

Empty without any direction in life


As the world he lives in marching

Tomorrow is yet unborn

The drop of water becoming a big ocean

As he rises up every day the dusk has come

Tomorrow never dies a dream has become reality


He live on his life with idea barely getting back

And life continue like that he grew up to become

A thorn in the flesh of the society where he exist

And so life becomes for him yet he carried on

In the civilized world where he finds himself


He became uneducated bullet

In the face of civilized world

Of what life will be that how did he want to win

The war of modern sophisticated invention

He will just be living without any direction because


Because he is living but wasn’t existing at all

No goal, no dream and no destination

How did he want to come by of it

Hopefully that one day things will get better

But will it get better when you are not working


When the time you ought to face off with innovation

You weren’t preparing for the to equip yourself

Becoming uneducated bullet in the face of civilized world

How will the illiterate fellow win the war against innovation?

So take time today learn all what you ought to learn read all



UNEDUCATED BULLET IN THE FACE OF CIVILIZE WORLD How will the illiterate fellow win the war against innovation?

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