Things have changed.

I have come to the pace of uncertainty; standing here, watching critically past times when the world rumpled in the cause of hardship and unfavorable weather of the economy.

Watching papa standing close to the window, with his grimy hands on the window sill.
Wandering away in the land of thoughts, thinking on how to cater for the family; hard times, driven to the cause of gloom, like in the case of literal doom!

And there is mama, always in the favourite place, they say is commonly for weaker vessels; “the kitchen”.
Preparing the day’s meal to be consumed, with all her wits and pastries.
With sweats and grime flowing like fountain waters, when collecting ingredients from the bowl;
Constantly tying her wrapper, as it falls, sometimes, without her knowledge; An African art indeed!

There we are, romping around the oversized verandah,
Boisterous as if we had all the strength in the world.
Little children, with grins on our faces, playing games like chai-chai
How much I missed those days, long gone!

Things have changed, I have grown up to learn the mystery of breeding a family into a unified and qualified entity.
Past times, literally lingering on my mind.
I can’t see papa thinking anymore, I see thousands of smilies on his face.
Mama no longer stay in the kitchen like old times; at least, we are all grown up to support.
I can’t see anyone in the verandah anymore; just me, watching vividly from the past, as it slowly fade away in the drip of time.
Things have changed.

2 thoughts on “Things have changed.” by Ebenezer blessing (@Ebenezerblessing)

  1. Yes indeed, things have changed. Those good old days are all long gone now.

    Nice piece of writing. It evokes strong memories of our childhood days.

    1. heartstrings (@Ebenezerblessing)

      Yeah… Gone, but still remains in the filament of our memory. Thank you so much.

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