These Dangerous Things Happen To You When You Talk A Lot

When you talk a lot, you talk away many things which are life-success and valuable in your life. These things happen daily, but less number of people realize, correct and apply them gainfully in their lives because of talkativeness. Talkativeness could be the reason you’re not doing well in life, and thus, you blame people around.

Sometimes, give yourself a break, a moment of calmness, thoughtful and quiet time to gain life free from junky and struggling days.


1. YOU TALK AWAY YOUR ABILITY TO THINK FAST, because your mind is focused towards the many ‘useless’ words you spin from your buccal. Hence, to think fast wouldn’t be as possible as one whose brain is already relaxed and calm.

2. YOU’LL BE UNAWARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Talking too much at any moment makes you unaware of what is happening around you, and for that, you have to talk less always. When you’re conscious of your environment, you’re likely to gain than to lose, or even know what is happening around you – whether good or bad. Too many talks in your lips make you absentminded.

3. YOU MISS OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities are never planned, and tend to come anytime. Hence, it could come when you’re filled with too many words, which would not give you chance to grab them – when lost, cannot be regained easily.

4. YOU’RE A PROPHET/PROPHETESS: As long as you have a SOUL and you are a child of God, you’re connected to him and could hear from Him anytime. However, when your lips are heavy with too many words, you’ll hear nothing – God doesn’t speak to people who aren’t focused to hear from Him. It may come in form of thoughts or intuitions, which would like to communicate something great to you. Once you’re busy vomiting numerous words, you’ve missed it; believe it or you leave it.

5. YOU TALK AWAY YOUR VIRTUE AND DIGNITY: As long as you are a human, some people you may have never thought about respect you despite whether or not you respect yourself. Though, these people lose their respect towards you when you TALK a lot; because naturally, it is registered in the subconscious mind of a man that, EVERY TALKATIVE HAS NOTHING CONCRETE TO CONTRIBUTE OR SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. So protect your dignity and virtue by regulating how you talk.

6. YOU TALK AWAY YOUR BLESSINGS: One at this moment could be wondering what this one could say. You never can tell from whom you would be blessed, and whether or not such person is close to you at the moment, watching you, or even investigating the type of person you are – at this moment, if you are spotted talking a lot, that’s the end of it. NOW YOU MIGHT BE DEBATING AGAINST THIS – “you are not my God, neither are you in the place or qualified to tell me how my blessing could reach me – who are you”? Great! Don’t forget to think twice before you say this or the like.

7. YOU CAN NEVER LIVE A SERIOUS LIFE IF YOU TALK TOO MUCH: Because the things you say are phrased like this at the end; “Never mind it’s just a joke, or I’m kidding”. You can’t be kidding or joking often; and if you do, it’s because you talk a lot. As such, you are termed NOT-A-SERIOUS-PERSON. And if people don’t take you seriously, you’re a joker whose life would be a joking one. Avoid this.

8. YOU TALK AWAY YOUR FRIENDS WHO COULD CONNECT YOU TO SOMETHING BIG: Attention! Talking away your friends here doesn’t mean that they would no longer be close to you, or discuss with you. Though they are there with you, they are not still with you. This is to say that your friends can’t trust you as you talk a lot. They would only have physical relationship with you, but would never listen to you, or connect with you when something great is at the doorstep.

With these few above, you should know that as you talk a lot, you are actually hurting yourself more than you can realize it. You may even blame people around for the cause of your unserious attitude, which stunt everything you do – just be careful and be cautious and attentive to your words. Counts them with your intuition, which tells you “IT’S ENOUGH, STOP TALKING”. If you do this, you will live a better life – this world respects those who respect themselves.


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