The Farting Sisters

The Farting Sisters

  1. maiah and rose are two odd ladies, maiah is 30 while rose is 28 but they have an elder sister who is 34yrs but still single.. maiah and rose are very loose with no decency not because they mess arround with men but because every thing about their behaviors is unladylike.. they dress inappropriately, talks loudly, have a very awful sense  of hygiene, dont really care what  people say about them, and more both are notorious  for their evil and disgusting sense of humor FARTING AND BURPING ON PEOPLES  FACES AND RANDOM FOR FUN..

“if you continue these your dirty habit no man will come and marry you or even ask your hand in marriage, i dont know who i and your father  offended that decided to punish you my lovely daughters with humiliating characters. ahn ahn , i dont understand what is wrong with both of you, how can you lift up your buttocks at the same time at fart synchronizingly during meal when we are eating, this is not ordinary ooh.. as if some witch place a curse of farting and burping uncontrollably on both of you.. and you know very well that your smells like rotten  corpse..” their mother will yell at both of them anytime the two start their farting games or torture during the family dinner to provoke their elder sister or as a revenge to their parent when they feel they have been offended earlier..

their elder sister was very modest and clean. she was as they other called her a clean freak.. she likes to keep everything in order properly arranged from the biggest  up to the smallest item some time alphabetically. she wash every thing from clothes bags hair comb and brush, everything must be perfectly super clean and in an oderly arranged manner.. for this reason her mother still worries that many men has broken up good relationship with her due to her bossy attitude towards the way the home must be kept, she will not let any little disorganization go but will complain over and over again, her advice her to at least learn how to overlook some little mistakes but she will not listen, so when maiah and rose wants to piss her off they just break into her room and scatter all her perfectly arranged item or wait for her to enter her room then open the door after her push their huge asses face the room and continue farting till she is dashing toward them, but they quickly lock the door and hold the door knob tightly so she cant open it to escape, living her trapped inside the room with the toxic fart fumes, she will scream and scream till their mother come and chase the notorious trouble maker away from the door.. after that it will be war and alot of shouting  between the three while the mother try to make peace among her daughters..

this was the usual life routine in the AMOS home until for an unexplainable  reason one handsome young man fell inlove with rose the nastiest of the them all, what seems like a fleeting relationship that was doomed to fail due to past expiriences of guys rose has dated in the past took a shocking surprise turn when the guy proposed and actually came to the parents to ask her hand in marriage.. “are you sure you really truelly and sincerely want to marry my daughter” was the question their their father mr. amos joel keep asking several time but the young man continue to answer “i love her and i want to spent the rest of my life with her, i know she is lady for me and i promise to keep her happy all the time” .. while their mother is dancing ro joy mr. amos still remain sceptical, his point is that he doesnt really belive that the man actually knows her daughter very well.. “young man hiw long have you been going out with my daughter rose” he ask, the young man replied “six moths sir”.. “do know the way my daughter behaves i mean her embarrassing habit or you just think she is someone you can cope with just because she is pretty and good looking, i really think you should…’ BBBBBBRRRRAAAAAAAAA BBBRRRRAAUUUNNNNNN   BBBBBBRRRRUUUUMMMPPP'(interupted mr. amos voice).. god punish your that your stupid nyash, pig, idiot, hhhmmmm, what is all this na, you are serving your guest drink and you are disrespecting both of us with your useless mess”. mr. amos shouted at rose who just released four mighty long smelly fart in the face of her so called fiancee while serving him juice in a cup. he was very furious and embarrassed  by the kind of shame she and her sister always bring him anytime he has visitors.. he yelled at the young man.. “is this what you want to marry, this shameless she goat, just immagine”.. facing their mother his wife “and you woman, you spoil this your children its your fault, you raised goats instead of raising good girls..” ehnehnehn ehn my children are not goats oh ah ahn every time you will laying curse on my duaghters like a traditional witch doctor instead of you to be praying for them.. please abeg iii, you cant even control your self infront of a stranger, haba,” anotherPPPRRAAAAAPPPAPAPPAA bbbbbbuuuuuu pppuuuuuuu pppuuuuu pppuuuuu.. interupted the chaotuc nagging in the room once more.. the smell cover the room.. mr. amos has to quickly retreat into the bed room to escape the the killer missle stench.. he started shouting from inside the but his voice was muffled  by the door.. the mother scream “eeeehhhhh jesus who mess this bad thing again now haba… aaaaahh this is wickedness ooh.. satan wants to destroy this happy day for this family but he will not succeed.. hhhhhhhhmmmmmuuuuuuu yyyyaaahhkk ppttpp.. the smell is unbearable, pls brother go into their elder sisters room till this odor descipate pls pls..”   “ok ma but i dont mind, actually its not a problem for me, cause i vant smell anything..” another thunderous series of monstrous fart follow again.. pppapappappppapppaaa, bbbrrroooooooooooooooiippptttt    bbbbrrrbbrbbaaaaaaapppaapapp   bbbbrrrrraaaauuuuunnnnnnnmmmmp… at this mrs. amos turn to rose who was standing behind her holding the juice pack with one her and covering her mouth and nose with the other and start beating her till the fell on the floor. she tried to escape but she dragged her back and pounce on her.. “you children wnat to give me a bad name (beat slap beat ) i will kill you before you kill me (beat beat pinch ) useless girl, shameless girl, stupid daughter”.. she went on and on as the young man was trying to hold her back so his girl friend can escape.. “its ok ma its ok ma, sorry ma, sooorrrry ma” the guy pleaded continously.. “no leave me let me kill her ..yeye girl dirty child, messi messi woman (beat beat pinch, but running out of breath )… her grip was loose and rose manage to struggle out from under her crying.. “its not me that mess the second mess aaahhhh you na startef beating me  aahhh” bbbrraauuupt.. “ooohhhh hhuuuuuu aahh” PPRRTTT PPRRAAAPPTT PAAPAPPAP BBBOOOO POOO.. shot fart continue to pop out of her buttock as she was weilling and crying…the perpectraitor maiah has ran out ot the living room immediately she realised that the bomb she dropped has started a war..

All through the commotion the eldest duaghter has entered her room and locked her door after.she exchange greeting with her sisters boyfriend…

mr. amos came out the bedroom and address the young man.. “young man what was that you name again” “micheal sir” he replied quickly… “listen, i dont mean to discourage you from marrying my , daughter but i am not happy though i can now see that your intensions are true.. so this is my term. you claimed you love her so before  can accept fully for you to marry rose, there is something i want you to do for me first.. call it an assignment if you like… hhhhhhhhmmmmmfffff hhhuuummmfff, who dey mess again aauhn aauhn, rose are crazy dont let come and beat join the one your mother beat you ooh.. oya get out get out” mr. amos commanded, “its not mee ooh aah ahhh, its ot mee ooh” she complain as she exit the living room dodging the hand reach of her father.. “leave her this one was me, sorry excuse me,, i didnt know it will smell like this since i silently farted it out.. sorry”.. mrs. amos apologize…”you see what i am dealing with in this house.. oya you too follow your daughters.. oya oya go outside till i finish with this young man”.. mr. amos chased his wife outside.. “so back to you.. ehm ehm where was i, oh the assignment is i want you to make your wife to be rose stop farting anyhow like french Turkey before i can agree to be present  in any wedding or introduction arrangement, reason is that if she doesn’t stop this mess mess farti farti i cannot and i will not be present  anywhere people are gathered in the name of rose for something.. immagine her farting and poluting in the meeting or gathering it will be a big shame to e and my friend and family… so y friend if you can make her stop farting or learn how to control het anus from blowing trumpet and trumbon all the time you have my blessing… that is all”    “i will try sir, thank you sir.. i will get back to you sir after family agree  to meet sir…” micheal said in appreciating… “God bless you sir.. i will be taking my leave sir with your permission sir”… mr.amos said “ok, God bless you too, have a safe trip back, byebye.”


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