The Deep End

The Deep End

What do you see when you look at me?

“I see a smiling face with a warm heart”

Well if that’s what you see then I’m doing a real good job at hiding what’s within.

What do I see when I look into my bathroom mirror at 2am in the morning?

“I see a lost soul with cold eyes stare back at me, I see someone with broken conviction, I see someone with shattered hopes and battered faith, I see someone who is tired and weary, I see someone with a heavy heart, I see someone who has given so much and has nothing left to give, I see someone who wears pain like a protective armor….”

This is the person behind the smile you see,

when the lights are out, the camera flashes are off and the parties are over…

This is Me Huddled up on the bathroom floor with slashes on my wrists and cuts on my thighs, trying to take away the pain,

Trying to find some semblance of peace,

So why don’t you see me?!!!

Why won’t you save me?!!!

I bare my heart for all to see

My soul cries within

“please, save me”

I drowning in the turbulent sea of sorrows,

Brought about by the storms of life’s struggles

The darkness choking me

Fear gripping me and locking me in a stronghold,

It’s a fruitless battle,

I’m barely hanging on,

I fear I might sink in this vast depths and my body lost in the deep ends.

“Will no one save me?!!!”

“Is this really the end?!!!”

“will Peace elude me till the very end?!!!”

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