Test of Faith

Test of Faith


When it all boils down.. do we have nothing?

Are all our hopes, hopeless?

Our Faith, faithless?

Our beliefs, void?


Every day we rise up to the challenge of living,

We go about our daily activities,

With fear in our hearts that one day soon we might breathe our last.


And in our life time,

We watch someone we love get snatched by the cold hands of death,

We watch everything we ever knew and love get taken from us,

And We’re told “it happened for a reason”


We carry that grief in our hearts

And try to find something to make us feel better

We turn to religion in hopes that it’ll fill up that void

We turn to drugs in hopes it’ll make us forget


Overtime the grief turns to pain

Pain that runs so deep

It becomes anger and resentment

Especially towards our maker.


We still search for something to believe in

all through the hurt,

The pain, and

haze of that fiery anger,

We just want to know “why?”


“Why?” they say,

“It’s a test of Faith”

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