Sickled Heart



It is time to tell my story
It is time to know what I really am
It is time to see the scar behind my mask

Few months ago, I was seated calmly waiting for death to come claim me, but it never came, how disappointed I felt, even with all the love showered on me by family…….
I still feel hated

With every care my brother got
Death paid him a kind visit
The inevitable happened
happening  in the shortest period of time
an unachieved life …. wasted
A single shining star couldn’t overcome the vast darkness

Consumed with pain and failure my mom couldn’t save her only boy
With just the smallest doze of substance all her pain could be washed away
Forever into nothing

But I was there, plugged in to different liquid.I was her hope even when her husband was on a pursuit of a better life .I was to make her smile and bring back life

Few months after still seated calmly waiting for death to come claim me; tired and carefree, I could never make her smile
My fading star awaits same fate

What I am is a sickle cell bearer                             So was my brother,                                                 Scared with death

The world hopes for us to see the next rise of the sun.                                                                   Knowing fully well the battle is long and cold as the night 

It is easy to give up, maybe I chose to be a coward, you be the judge 




p.s: Note from the writer (Kunbi)

True emotion turned story, maybe you are going through same fate or something totally different, Do not forget to believe in positivity and be brave.

Things will be fine no matter the outcome


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