Sex Machine 5 (18+)

She said “Solomon I know u are an innocent young man that serves the lord flawlessly and is loved and taught the way of the lord by both your parents,but my own life has been shattered and my innocence scattered by someone I love the most in my life,I will tell you my secret do you promise to keep it well?”.
I could only move my head slightly to signify yes cus my mouth couldn’t move,she continued my parents have always shown me love and care,my dad was the best dad in the world, so many times I have sat down and think about how lucky I was to have such adorable parents but my perfect life started to end on the day we graduated from primary school, my dad came to my room very late at night, he spoke to me about how I am becoming a woman and that by now I should have a vision for my life,we discussed about my choice of career and he encouraged and advised me and also prayed for me,I was having a perfect night until I felt the urge to urinate so I excused myself to run into the toilet but I have forgotten that I had just my covering cloth on me,it was until I stepped out of the toilet that I noticed I was nude,I could have cared less if I hadn’t noticed how my dad was staring at me,he had this expression like he just discovered a gold hidden out of his sight but was in his vicinity, his eyes were wide opened and his white eye ball glowed in darkness, I felt awkward and quickly grabbed my wrapper to cover myself, then he quickly called himself to order then he left my room that night quickly. She looked into my eyes to see if I was still listening and saw that I am engrossed in her story so she continued,the morning after the incident my dad was not very convenient as he always was around me,I felt he was feeling guilty by what he did and I didn’t mention anything to mum about it,when it was night that day I was sleeping in my room when I heard a knock, so I asked who was there and my dad said he was the one,I was a bit scared but I cautioned myself that I shouldn’t judge his over just a little mistake I guess he noticed my hesitation and so started saying that he has come to apologize for yesternight,I felt guilty treating my dad that way so I quickly open the door,then he came in weeping that he felt ashamed of himself for doing what he did,I saw sincerity in his face,he was truly sorry and I apologized too and hugged him and promised him not to mention anything to my mum,and he promised nothing of such will repeat itself and so he left my room and I was happy I could trust my dad again. She looked into my eye again this time with so much sadness, then I realise we are moving to the terrible part,her lips were trembling and she continued, since that night my dad has been of best behaviour he would buy me things, take me out and keep reminding me of our much he loved me,then he started buying me revealing and tight dresses, my mum was very much against it but my dad would call her old version,I love those clothes cus it made me look sexy and brought out my curves. One day my mum traveled to buy her goods,I had gone to sleep early so I woke up in the middle of the night troubled I don’t really know why but I was just restless, lost in my thought I heard a knock on my door my heart almost left me then I asked who was there and I heard the soft masculine voice of my father, I was a bit comforted by his soft voice, so I stood up to open the door,when I did,that was when I life nose dived.she looked at me again but this time her eyes was filled with anger and hatred.

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  1. I could tell how much this evil sorted man salivated for his own daughter…
    Please go on… Also proof well before submitting. Thanks for sharing Pharlaryeh,

  2. tammybaby (@tammybaby)

    Sexual abuse is now so commonised…God help us all and protect our kids from sexual demons…nice write up..few grammatical errors..I’m loving it..keep the good work

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