Iya Pikin

Iya Pikin

A story about women who give birth to spririt children


She woke up early in the morning to greet the moon as it dawned on her that she was sleeping with death on her bed-side having aborted so many pregnancies.

That morning, her hope had died and she was about to commit suicide. How many days will she think about her famished road to still-birth. That was the beautiful felony of her life and she was about dying young having being raped by her kinsmen in the village. Her village has become an odyssey of blood when they opened their eyes.


“In the night, I kissed death and I couldn’t see the evil side of abortion. How many days will make me sorrow, with tears of blood in my hands”, she thought in her mind.


As she opened her eyes, the tragedy of her blurred life was making her bereaved as an abandoned woman whose life has being shattered with blood ion her hand as written on the walls. When will she give birth to the child who will answer her cry and made her a real mother?  Her day of being a woman wash flashing through her mind.


That was many years ago, as she walks with darkness, almost on the road of people who want her hand in marriage as a concubine. Her fame went wild fury as a prostitute who walks in the brothel home to feed her hungry father. Her father always asked for a child whom will make the whole family laugh in the home as she had lost her mother when she gave birth. She was an orphan. In the night, her father, always drink to stupor to satisfy her ego after sleeping with virgin girls in the palm-wine joint. He was hopeless in her memory as he had lost his job as a hunter. Whenever she walks alone, she always thought she was walking with ghost as the rain had stopped and all the villagers was hungry, waiting for the smile of the gods, as they have forgotten about worshiping the oracle of their land for the white-men’s religion which was Christianity as a sacrilege. The Christians have rapes their gods and make them look as slaves.


As the day was wearing a new look, they waited from the sign of the moon which will make them rejoice with new fest of harvest. The shadow of those who wanted to romance her was making her happy and the clan elder has made a sacrifice with spirit girl. In her imprisoned life, she had gotten flagrance again but she was naive about having lost weight. She saw the pregnancy and wanted to abort it but the herbalist had warned her she will die if she aborts it. She had lost the pleasure of working in the brothel at night. In her thought, she thinks about those women who had died in child birth and buried alive.


That day, her voice was shaking and she wanted to heed to the advice of the herbalist as a danger waiting to explode as she would become demised. She had covered her face with shame to womanhood as she touched the stomach of her un-born child. Her hone had broken apart as she hear the drum-beat of death from the distance, screaming for conception. Her breast has enlarged for baby to feed on having worshiped with the missionaries.


Her village life was rosy and archaic with tales of his suitors asking to pay her dowry for a new marriage. Those were the men from the drunken joint, who always dance with girl’s in their moment of enjoyment. She was the centre of talks among the whole villagers who wanted her to have a family of her own without her being enslaved by her new husband become. In her sufferes, she had a victim of the metaphysical world with a beloved dazzling heart.

Her victimization had thought her lesson that bind her together with grave consequence of aborting babies. “My husband, I’ll make a dinner that will make you unforgettable and tell you how happy I am for convincing a new baby”, he said to her husband with a happy mood.


And then, she served the dinner on the table as they began to eat the delicious meal, forgetting the fast abortion. She remember the days of loneliness and tears of lovely heart. “I am pregnant. That is the good news I want to tell you, he said are to shown how happy I am that is a great news I have being waiting for before I joined my ancestors as I am old to die without a  child that will inherit my properties”. Soon, he was getting afraid that her baby child would not live long as a reincarnation of the gods as the experiences of grievous burial  i.e. the years of fighting war led made him a warriors who’s prison had fell down with evil imagination. But the touch of benevolence had made him a deranged husband who’s madness was known only inside his home as friends had deserted him. When they know about his madness, they will flew away from him as a deranged husband.


In his poverty life, he had learnt the lesson of keeping to the promises of sacrificing to the God’s who gave her wife the womb to carry the baby in his second coming. She had now become a destitute whose laughter had made her a walking corpse. How would she give birth was her sorrowful song every night she murdered sleep.


But the clan elders wanted to banish her to a land no-return, beyond the place she would not come back to the village again. The world in her heart had refused to heal childlessness as she wanted to celebrate her days of abomination with evil imagination of promising the gods the sacrifice, if she give birth to a child.  Her womb was crying for a lovely baby who’s hoe would silence the life of ghost that walks with her in the darkness of her ageless dance with the spirit children’s. How many days would she close her eyes to the downfall of her couples marriage which clocks two years old.


I hope this child would not die young again as I would not think of a abortion. This baby would not be a born throw-away. “She thought in her imagination of dark memory.


That morning the song in her heart was making her bereaved in the dream as she saw blood on her hands. But she woke up to the reality of thinking about being dead. The laughter was showing the picture of the hunger of the moon light. The moon had shown the sound that creeps through the window with the cry of her prayer’s which was making her said she had picked her shattered life together. She was seeing the shadows of his broken home as her husband wanted to depart from the house and wanted to make her a single mother where she will carry the burden of the family alone. But the idol of the house was cocking fox as the signs of the day rebelled against her marital life. Her face was beautiful and so many suitors wanted to marry her even if she was barren. Her predicament of worshipping her husband was her wedlock that was about to end in a tragedy as it will give her bad memory to her life. Her dirty past was haunting her and the vogue she engaged reflected as a prostitute ahs still searching for a good husband who will stay beside her as a hero. It was a dream of being a dad woman walking who’s hope had gone with the wind but she enjoyed the folklore of the village and wanted to run to the city in search for a good job. He was a tyrant who’s wife had made her a small god, worshipping him beyond the distance of drum beat. Sometimes she always thought of  morning him as a beloved person and in her writing the properties he would live behind.

Nobody wanted him to buried and forgotten in the graveyard as a indebted drunkard. She was a star with natural instinct which make men to fall in live, with her without thinking of early pregnancy. Before the death of her mother, the message she left behind was that she should marry a humane and caring husband that will not give her miscarriages.


She had lost many pregnancy in the brothel when good men abandoned her for sexy women. How would the husband feed the family as a pauper and unfortunate fellow who’s pleasure is for to drink at the palm wine joint. Her innocent face was becoming beautiful as she wanted to divorce her lover for another suitor but she waited to conceives a baby without any hope.  She was sacred of staying at the family house as the husband slept like a masquerade. When will she think about the welfare of the family as hunger has made them a barren home which was making her famished. She had lost his odd jobs of farming and this made her a naked before the suitors who wanted to give her pleasure of good sex. “This love, I am feeling is much. I can’t sleep I can’t wait. The sexual romance is making me mad as I can’t see my lover die young. When will the barrenness leave her”, he thought in memory.


The nightmare she felt was making her to mourn for children of the night the prison world of barrenness fell down. That was an unfortunate style of saddist nature with deep reflection into the world of barren family and being humane, with the evil girls who request for sacrifice.


The visitors was looking of the mess of her wasted years as they couldn’t rejoice with children of the couple. That was the desire of those wishing them well from pregnancy of their own. They were excited that a child was on the way as they had done all the sacrifice for the baby to come. The tension of punishing the wife was making him to regret marrying her as a lonely woman. When will kids surround her house with laughter and tears of a child who will adorn the wall with pictures. The dangerous gods was whispering to her to run away into another city were she would marry a money-bag politician, as been told they take good care of their woman as a house-wife. Suddenly, the flash of her past life as a prostitute job was coming like a dream world whose shadow was making her disappointed about her barren womb. Whenever she thought of her brothel life, tears always flow through her eyes. She always ask the question how her emotion had gone and she couldn’t forget the day of living in the brothel was making her to think of sinful life to appease gods. Her generosity had made her a sexual slave as she had ruined her womb after sleeping with many men in the brothel. Her life had become a broken glass which could no be packaged agreeing in her spiritual odyssey was showing that she had conceived pregnancy as the husband rejoice again in his fantasy. But this night, she cooked delicious meal to satisfy her husband thirst and break the news of getting pregnant. The husband never knew about the message that will be shared as he had refused to hear the news of conception. She has ecstatic about sharing the message. “My lovely one and lonely. I want to tell the news you have being waiting for years. I am pregnant again”. She touched her stomach to reveal the signs of pregnancy. The husband laughed joyfully of thank the gods for answered prayers that he has been expecting to hear. At last, her cherished life style would have a meaning without being an orphan. Those waiting for her miscarriage was laughing at her, that the pregnancy would be aborted again as she was always reckless about her womb. But she waited to go to the city to experience how people live with expectant mothers. That thought of city-like was erased in her memory as she wanted to suffer with her family apart from the tragedy of losing babies.

But things began fall apart at home when she didn’t go to the hospital for maternity making the husband to be fearful of miscarriages. Her wife was remorseful about the coming child safety. So, her pregnancy was getting bigger by the days where she will become a mother. How would she cope without going to the hospital to know about the condition of the un-born baby. But she never wanted to be a widow as she refused to go to the clinic. “I am fine with the pregnancy. Don’t make me remember my days of abortion”. But she kissed the husband on the bed as a touch of wretchedness and indebtedness to the gods whom they had refused to sacrificed on their days of mourning.


She thought in her memory, the sign of good omen was making her to rejoice that the child will remove her tears of loneliness when the baby comes to the world. Her imagination had thought her to be breadwinner who will make her smile when she gives birth. It was the days of compassion for new babies as she wanted to wake up to the reality of being a mother. Her fetishness has made her to commune with the gods and she wanted to be a warrior whose plaque has showing cry of a baby after seven month of carrying the pregnancy as she didn’t hear the voice of the burial signers again from the distant again. The traditional medicine she always took made her to be aware that the non-born child would be safe her womb. She had gone metaphysical as the child would serve the oracle if comes to the world as a covenant with the gods of the village. That was her days of being instance with bareness where she thought her hope and vanished to the forgotten forest. In her time of giving birth to a new baby, she thought her life would become rosy with angelic smile. The child came as a bouncing baby boy with fresh aroma of erasing her season of battling with aborted pregnancy, so she laughed when she saw how heal they are gigantic he was. The baby cried like a normal child as they bath for him. The husband rejoiced upon seeing the handsome face of the child and the spouse. As he danced like a responsible father as he was singing praises to the gods for answered prayers. That was his tears of joy as a beloved father expectant of baby child.


The whole villagers had gathered at the house to celebrate the new baby and offer him as a sign of a beautiful harvest. They whose image and power would make them to sign a new song in their festival days. Her days of misfortune with those mocking her, had made him to be hero of the people. How would he forget the relationship he has with other women of the palm wine.


Joint whose dance step had sold him to slavery as he usually spend his hard earned token with the young women from the brothel. He thought of the sexual and usual sex as he always struggle to eat at home. But he had become indebted to his friends who hate’s his lazy and being worthless and didn’t forget the vow to the gods. Whenever she breaks the life of bareness. The drums was singing a new tune of dance’s as they drink palm-wine from her customer. That morning, the rejoiced to the fame of the new gift of the baby with inscription of good things to come.


“This child has brought us hope for a new season and give us a good harvest”, he thought in his heart, thanking the friends for honoring him in celebrating with him after many years of endless wait. He knew the ancestors were happy at his new found love and he wanted to murder his sleepless night. The flute master came to give them the message oft h season and to tell them about the good news the king wanted to tell them at the great occasion. The messenger told them to await the raining season that the child brought to the village.

The name of the child was Malomo, meaning “Don’t go again” as he was an abiku. How would she say goods bye to the abiku if he dies again. That was her best secret that make’s her feel like a woman and language of the dead. But the child grew with passion of serving the goods as he was terribly afraid of going back to his place of abode in the burial ground.


He walkways sacrificed kola nut and chicken to appease and worshipping them in the shrine. Hey had consulted the herbalist about the future of the boy whose sickness was getting diabolical as doctors couldn’t understand the nature of the disease. They carried the baby to the shrine to save him from untimely death. His body was getting usually hot.


In the night, the spiritual children of the night was asking for the pledged that was made to them when she conceived the pregnancy when she couldn’t be pregnant.


“The child belongs to us. T His is the covenant and you have to fulfill the pledge”, they appeared to her in the dream. The mother would do anything to save, the child as she had forgotten how the baby tormented her with womb. The voice of the dead was signing at his window and she was fearful that the spiritual children had come to ask for their sacrifice.  As the day wore a new look, she rushed him to the shrine that the baby was behaving abnormal with fever. Bu she heard whispers that he would die young and be buried. The herbalist knew it but kept it as covenant with the gods.


As soon as the father heard about the sickness, he thought he was about loosing him to the grave. He had lost his respect to the gods. The wife was shivering and crying to the great orator who will save the child. And the child dies again in the hands of the herbalist whose power had failed him. The clan elders had banished the husband as an abomination of the land. In the forest, the husband committed a suicide and those in the bush broke the news of his death to her as she became a widow whose hope has being a dangerous affair.


Butt he wife had not lost hope as she wanted to marry another suit who’s waiting for her as a beautiful angel. But things become rosy as the ritual was performed against the “abiku” children. “The children who die young and coming back a reincarnation in the outskirt of the village as she had been banished away from the village to another famished city. How many days will they mourn the pregnant of the dead. But he child came as still-birth bearing the name of the dead. She cried joyfully in her closet. She now thought of hanging herself after the aborted pregnancy.



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