If Not Us, Who?


In a nation filled with with miscreantsIF NOT US, WHO?

In a nation filled with political miscreants and tyrants,
Led by unworthy leaders,
All moving towards the path of the gutter,
Despite her uncommon number of talented hustlers.

In a world filled with endless opportunities,
Undeniable abilities,
Despite her rich but untapped resources,
Cos our leaders prefer to make it their personal properties.

We’ve watched long enough from the sideline,
We’ve suffered enough during our predecessor’s timelines,
And endured till now we’ve all gotten tired and worn out,
That their tongue of deceit even fears to say “Youths, calm down”

Now is our chance,
We can take a stance,
Lead the fight;
And win the match.

We’ve woken from out slumber,
And discovered that we’re not just burghers;
But partakers,
In our political aura.

If not us, who will?
I can’t expect you to fight for me,
And you shouldn’t expect a saviour from him,
We all fight together, since it’s on you and I.

We all might not see it yet but, we are the change the nation deserves and will get.
We are the best leaders (future) all nations can and will have.
If we don’t choose to be positive, how do we wanna cause the nation to improve?
Think wise, be wise.

@The boy
From #ThatFrustratedOne,
Emmiasky Ojex

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