I had a butterfly.

“I had a butterfly”.
I had a beautiful blue butterfly,
It’ll spread it’s brightly colored wings,
Spraying it’s free floral fragrance.
I last waved at it’s fluttering flight.
It never came back with a reply
I stood by my window in trance
Why is it not now here to enjoy
The nature’s free flowing breeze.
Has it’s proboscis stuck to nectar?
Has it to the Antarctica crossed?
Has it’s cryptic coloration betrayed?
Has it’s fluttering wings gone weary?
Now here sit I in sad solace.
I think I saw it in my dreams.
At the peak of the morning sun
I miss it’s pretty blue shades.

2 thoughts on “I had a butterfly.” by Boniface Raymond (@BonnyRayLebbz)

  1. Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

    It has been a long i have read a romantic poem of nature. If i could fav his, I would have…. Excellent write.

    1. Boniface Raymond (@BonnyRayLebbz)

      Much thanks. @AfolabiMA

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