For Ozubulu

(after Amadioha went to a wet sleep)
For the Men who went during praises
Let your tears be of cheerful dreams
You are not forgotten in abyss
The glory of death shall be re-shadowed when the storm is over

This is the gullible of the vision-less attribute
For those women who cried Ozubulu! Ozubulu!! Ozubulu!!! before death
I have seen your agony wailing in the street
if this is the sand that unite us
Amadioha was insane when it all happened in his sleep….
Our shadows shall always cry
Our nose shall always smell your aroma in the darkness.
this is the cruelty of men of our land
those who didn’t suck their mother’s breast nine months
those whose father’s names are cursed
those whose names bring shame
those whose mother’s names are of sin.
we cry also, we weep all alone
go in peace women! go in peace men!
Ozubulu children, Ozubulu wind & sun
are your traveling map hanging on the
fragments of the dusty lonely cloud!
For this journey is of shame and sorrow…
Our ashes & palmfrond shall remain with us
and your names shall not be forgotten.

©John Chizoba Vincent

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