They stormed in without warning. Clad in black attires with masks covering their faces except for one, they looked to be assassins.

Each wore fitted, long hand sleeves while their gloved hands held wicked, looking weapons. They were five in number.

My mother and younger brother were in the room, unaware of the intruders. I thought about warning them, but I feared my presence would be spotted. As the coward that I was, I silently crept into the kitchen. Fortunately, the back door was already open, so it was easy to get out.

I quickly looked around. Surprisingly, none of the strange men were around. Still unsure, I went on all fours and crept to the gate. And once I got out, I ran with all my might. Fear provided the adrenaline. I didn’t know what direction I was heading, and I didn’t care. My only thought was to put a good distance between us.

Soon, my body began to tire. Out of breath, I stopped and gazed around for the first time. Every where was still. The silence was eerie.  Not a single living thing could be seen.
I thought about my mother and brother, my only family. Who were those men? What did they want? What had happened to my family? I couldn’t go back. The feeling of loneliness overwhelmed me. Tears streamed down my face in rivulets. Where would I go now? I’m all alone.

The five strange men suddenly appeared.
‘Get her!!’, the leader screamed, pointing at me.
I ran and ran, jumping over stones as their heavy footsteps grew closer. Without warning, I slipped and fell, screaming as the black abyss engulfed me until…

I woke up.

Oh! It was just a dream. A premonition yet to come.

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