DEMOCRACY DAY: “The Corruption Crusade”

Every hand is on deck the search is on

To recover all what the looters has taken from her

The government of the day is fighting tooth and nail

To make sure no stone is left untouched

Everyone must be probe and brought to book


To book to face the consequence of yester years action

See service for not for self alone but for the betterment of humanity

In service to humanity and God we all are accountable to God

At the end of long years of living and serving our fellow human

The corrupt must serve the hammer of justice in justice and fairness


Our nation has been deprive

While some living in abundance

Many live in scarcity nothing to live on

Living on survival mood not knowing where the next meal  will come from

Looting is on everywhere no one is free from the flu


It has come to the state that we are seek answers

The probe should be well carry out to the later

And the proceed from the crusade should be judiciously use

Bring it all out to the public eyes for transparency purpose

And for such crusade to have a meaningful effect


The asset gotten, with the flights of cars

The money should be well planned for what it should be use

Creating a fresh breathe of air for the citizen

So they will stop living as strangers at home in their own fatherland

Let the chant go far into the distant places


Let hope never dies

Let believe again in the government of the day

Because when we believe that’s when we can achieve it all

The government can do it alone

They need our supports and prayer


We can be a silent contributor

To the betterment of our nation

We must move Nigeria forward

In moving Nigeria forward we must stand in patriotism

The state of the nation: the corruption crusade


We can make Nigeria shine again

We can bring every past and present corrupt leader to book

We can go on and bring back hope to the street called hope

You can the government can and we all can

Say no to corruption today and yes to honesty in every sector in our nation


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All Rights Reserved/Okoh C. Paul

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