Sex Machine 4(18+)

Before I share that information with you,let me tell you this,I and tolu graduated from primary school and as expected she came first and I 2nd.My graduation day was one of the days I can never forget in my life but unlike the others,it was filled with good memories,my mom and dad were around,it was the first time I’ve seen them for years,they came along with many of their fellow pastors and of course also with ogechi,I can remember sighting some of ogechi’s friends that enjoyed the sexual skills I possess and decided to grace me with their presence.I and tolu shared the prices of each subject but she lead more subjects than I did (smiles),ofcourse she wouldn’t have been the first if she hadn’t and we were both awarded a scholarship to the college of the same school because of our brilliant performance and just to answer your question that was there nobody with third position?, yeah there was this other guy named Samuel,he was always the 3rd he had tried to compete with me both academically and also with the friendship of tolu but all of his endeavors went to shit because he wasn’t as brilliant or as handsome as I was and I never really considered him as a competition and you too knowing a bit out of my story can also attest to the fact that he is too little and innocent to compete with me but he got the scholarship too anyway lucky him.
My parents took me out on shopping I bought a lot of things in preparation for my secondary school and we also went to playing parks and damn I had fun,I wished for that day to never end,my parents had promised to be with me the whole of my holiday before I resume,I was so happy to hear this,it meant a break from the hardcore sex that has now become food for me and ogechi,but as expected ogechi was not happy about it,though sometimes when we met in corners when mom and dad are busy she opens up her skirt and I insert my finger into her wet pu**y or sometimes lick it with pressure and she also gives me an intense blowjob but at least it’s usually short,not like the full time one we do before.
Hmm…sometimes I think God has forsaken me cus just as I was having some of the child normal kind of life I have always wanted,my parents were called to an important ministry work abroad so they had to break their promise and rush off and once again leaving me into those safe hands of ogechi,I can still remember the day they left I was so angry at them but ogechi gave me an advice to channel all of my anger into fucking her,and so I did and damn the sex was intense I fucked her like a bitch that she was and she screamed,her screaming was filled with both pain and pleasure and after the sex she lied carelessly on the bed making some sounds with no meaning exactly but anyone could know it reflects satisfaction and happiness and for me her happiness meant Delicious delicacies as she always calls it,so looking at the bright side the relationship was mutualistic so it was different type of sex styles with her friends and her,sometimes I fuck 3 at a time until I resumed for school.
Yeah about me and tolu,I made my first move on her or should I say she made her first move on me when we were in jss 2 we went to represent the school in a competition as we were the best student,the competition was in abuja so we were lodged into an hotel,a male teacher was assigned to go with us and the three of us are to sleep in a room in the hotel,but our teacher met with his secondary girlfriend in the elevator and with joy they both hugged and kissed and so as not to bore you with the details, they decided to spend the night together at the lady’s room and he seeing us as kids didn’t expect anything to happen between us even though we will be sleeping on a bed in the same room but he was wrong,I was no longer a kid as a matter of fact I knew more about sex than he does and I can swear that I can handle the lady than he can.
So me and tolu slept on a bed,I respected her so I didn’t touch her until I felt something cold on my body an undulating structure pressing tight on my back,no one needed to tell me it was tolu’s nude body pressing against mine,my dick(which I now know is not an umbrella by experience) stood firm up and I turned to face her to find her awake what she said shocked me….

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