I Thought I Could Make Her My Girlfriend

Saturday night was pretty ugly for me. It was exactly 2:00 am when she rang my phone. Then it was as though the ringtone of my phone was heard from the dream world, as I couldn’t clearly picture in my dream whether or not it was my own phone that was ringing. After a couple of minutes, something dragged me up from the bed, and such thing is still unknown to me now, even though I had thought about it for hours. As I got up, I saw my phone dancing from on corner of the bed to another. I looked at it, listened, paused and it was though I was still in dream. But I confirmed the reality of the drama when I felt my pulse – it was really racing, and I knew that something was going to happen. Lo, it was truly a phone call from her. My phone ringtone was strange and was making a tone different from the one I set. I became afraid. My whole body was covered in sweat. I looked straight to my phone – eyeball to eyeball. I saw darkness in its eye.

Knowing and believing in my faith, I had to pick the call, and when I did, I couldn’t hear her voice clearly. I had no option than to hang up. Few minutes later, she called again. It became more horrible now. And the worse of it all was, I was alone in the room. I didn’t know whether or not I should pray. My lips began to quiver, it was so difficult for me to call God because I thought that He Himself would not answer me, I thought He was far from me and there was no need to pray to Him; and there was nothing else I could pray to, to come to my aid. In fact, I was convinced that nature itself was not happy with me. So I finger-punched the green icon of the phone which was few distance away from me. I heard a clear voice


‘Hello sweetheart, it’s me…’

It was a female voice. I knew it was her calling but I wanted to be sure. The sweet in the heart was bitter now, and had gone to the intestine instead of the heart. I was battling with my thoughts, so I couldn’t reply her. She continued,

‘…I guess you remember me. We heard the day together, and spent time. Well, I know the state you are in now, and I’m very sure you must be scared to have me call you, as you refused to give me your contact. But don’t worry, we get everything we want and never lose anything we didn’t get. I just called to inform you that we the SPIRITS FROM THE OCEANIA will be visiting you from time to time…’

That moment, I wanted to faint but realized that there was no one to wake me, so I managed.

‘I didn’t do anything with her – absolutely nothing’, I thought. Tears rolled down my checks. I couldn’t bear it, I don’t know what to do now. The girl was just a casual friend I met yesterday in the college, we just hugged each other, that’s all. I was still crying bitterly, as I turned to take my handkerchief, the power interrupted. My lights went off, while my neighbours’ were on…

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