A Letter to My Virgin Brother

Women are like dogs, but they are not dogs.
Whatever name you call her, that name she would bare.
Should you call her a dog, don’t you expect her to act like a hare
She would certainly give you a home full of dogs.
If you call her a queen, you’ll live out your life in a palace.
If you call her a plague, you will spend the rest of your days without solace.
If you give her a penny, she would give you back so many.
If you spare just little time for her, she will dedicate her life serving as your nanny.

Do not forget that relationship with a Woman is an investment.
Do not treat her with resentment.
Women are like Iroko trees.
When you nurture them, they grow and shield you from bad weather and climate.
Don’t ever underestimate the power of a woman in love.
Don’t ever overestimate your hold on that woman who is in love.
There is only a thin line between Love and Hate.
Thereupon this thin line rests a horizon of oblivion like swarming bees
Thereafter primed to wipe you off her memory the very moment you cross that line.

Before you slap her, please do slap yourself first.
Before you ask her those questions she cannot answer, please ask yourself first.
Before you call her big, fat and lazy, try tying a heavy load to your stomach first.
Before you call her weak, just imagine yourself losing blood for one thousand one hundred and fifty two hours, and forty eight days continuously.

Your woman is like your Pet,
Nurture it and it will grow to love, live and die with you
You must not neglect a Pet
Nay it would either stray into better hands or die on you

Value, nurture, trust and adore your woman, your life might depend on it
Verily she may not come at you with a knife
But when you mold her into a ball of fury, she may become a very deep Pit
By then you might have reason to fear for your life.

Listen to no one else but your ears.
Listen only to your instincts and fears
Learn now that only the shoe wearer knows where it pinches most
Learn now that the battle of keeping a woman is what matters to men the most

Do not forget, he who finds a woman, finds a good thing.

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