The Sex Machine 2

I was enrolled into the St Barnabas nursery & primary school on the 19th of August 1987,I can still remember that day,the sun smiled at the earth so early that I wondered if it miscalculated the time it was supposed to start it’s journey:it was later I got to know that the sun is stationary and the earth revolves round it,sometimes I remember some of my thinking when I was a kid and I find myself smiling, like I always wondered how people fit into the radio set and spoke, I have always wanted to ask my father or my mother but they barely have time for me,they were busy with the Lord’s work which played a major role in my current situation:.
My nanny had woken up very early and have cooked and ironed my school uniform, ogechi was a hard working young lady she had been the one taking care of me since my parents were busy, her mom had sent her away from the house because she caught her having sex with her concubine, (smiles) what a mess we have made of life,little wonder God regretted of creating us.Though she didn’t tell anybody why she wanted her out of her house because she didn’t want her husband to find out that she had a concubine but I later found out,both my parents doesn’t know too they just thought that her mom was just a bad mother and out of Christian love they decided to help her,she had always played with my umbrella when I was a kid (when I asked my dad what was between my legs he said it was an umbrella and before I could ask further question he said I should go and read my book or Bible),and it always felt good I had planned on telling my mom but aunt ogechi had warned me against it and since she is more like a sister to me I listened.
In my school I wasn’t the best as you would expect due to my early self appraisal but I had this girl named tolu she was so brilliant that my own brilliance was like stupidity to her,I hated her for that I have read once in my Bible that men should be the head and so I wasn’t comfortable having her lead the class and I 2nd but but to other classmates we were out of sight none of them got close to our position.
My turning from good to bad started on a Friday afternoon I had just came back from school,I was in PRI 4, I went to take a shower when I noticed something sending shivers into my spine it was a pleasure I had Never imagined I have always thought nothing is as pleasurable as chocolate but this?,this is out of this world but what was it,another million dollar question…

2 thoughts on “The Sex Machine 2” by pharlaryeh (@pharlaryeh01)

  1. Short and direct.
    This is a draft work, needs a lot of editing and re-editing.

    Nice work though. I love the plot and the suspense at the end.

  2. thanks I am still new at writing I promise to do better in the next episode

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