The Color of Hope

Have you ever wondered what the color of hope is?

I heard it said once that

Hope gives life and life is in seasons

So, I wondered

What is the color of hope in seasons?

In Autumn I think, maybe it’s Orange,

The hue of dry and crackling leaves as they fall off a tree,

Or Brown, leaving behind an earthy fragrance after the rain.

In the Winter I think, it must be White.

White as innocence, pure as a child’s smile,

Strong as an angel’s wings.

When Spring blooms, my thudding uncertain heart tells me

It surely must be Green. As green as life and vast as the clear fields

Giving gentle, soothing breaths to all.

Summer’s arrival has me seeing Red,

With its vibrancy and enchanting allure.

It’s intensity has set many free, to flap broken wings and fly.

Truth be told, I cannot tell you the color of hope.

But if you asked me, I’d tell you to close your eyes,

Listen to the silence and you tell me,

What color do you see when it’s dark?

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