The Answer

The Answer


If love is the answer,
We still have her as our mother.
Not to surrender our fathers,
But a believer forever.

If cloth is the answer,
Then everyone should grow cottons.
Not just to shower the grasses,
But to every birthday with flowers.

If mothers hold the answer,
Let them rule over the borders.
Not only to their crying babies,
But care for everyone around them.

If food is the answer,
Let us eat without satisfaction.
Not simply for the ample of apples,
But every handful of our solutions.

If war is the only answer,
Then let’s stop sowing and reaping.
Not only tillers and fishers,
But to every killer and preacher.

If school is the answer,
There’s no need for graduation.
No payments for books and fees,
But to everyone is equal to be students.

If church is the answer,
Let all households be for churches.
Not just worshipers of Someday,
But mindful of God’s instincts.

Since God is the answer,
Let’s all work in his vineyard.
Lean on to our maker as believers,
And He will be your defender forever.


One thought on “The Answer” by Abel-iduom Caleb (@Calebite)

  1. God is the answer to all mankind’s problem.

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