Ten ways soccer is turning into a religion


1 Players performing regular repeated behaviour called rituals on the pitch. ; Chelsea loanee zouma bowshis head to the ground as soon as he enrers the pitch. Kaka doing sign of the cross the moment he scores a agoal.fans sing songs and hymn on match day.

Both are taken serious ; people don’t go to church to have fun.viewers don’t go to viewing center just to be entertained.

3 Both are institutions meant to promote teamwork, love etc.Feeling of togetherness among similar group.; going to stadium is like going to church.

4Each has its constitution and structured pattern which is used to achieve a goal. They are bodieswith rules and punishment for deterrence. Referees,pastors and imam are thereto remind members of rules and ensure they are enforced.

5Competition is key: in Nigeria, there is a struggle over which religion is the dominant one same way fans believe their club is the best. Followers are kin on gathering more believers for God as clubs want to buy the best talent to play for them.

6Conversion to opposite side is frowned at; Liverpool fans burnt down Fernando torress jersey when he signed for opponents Chelsea. Jehova withness withdreaw love for their members who threaten to 7live the fold. Muslims who wish to convert to Christianity are disowned or beaten to death

8Both lead to violence ; fans fight each other during matches on stadium and voiwewing centers. Muslim-christian fight occur frequently in kaduna

9Both have their symbol of faith. Trophies, gloves ,balls bible and jersey.srrkers of kingdom, loyal devotees, shrine-hall of fame.

10Both worship the living as well as dead heroes. Lionel messi is adored by barca fans as daddy adeboye is. They are treated more than celebrities. Make a negative remark about cronaldo or oyedepo and watch his faithful attack you as they have done to freeze. Statues are built to honour them. Statue of st Thomas aquinass and statue of maradonna

Ironically, both collect money from their faithfull football clubs sell jersey as most churches sell handkerchiel, olive oil etc. some churches collect gatefee from members in form of tithe offering or donation the wa faithfuls pay to watch match.

6 thoughts on “Ten ways soccer is turning into a religion” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)

    Nice writeup.
    Football is all about human, to make human happy. There is nothing sacred about the round leather game unlike religion. Football isn’t religion and shouldn’t be liken to one. We love football. It is our way of life. I remain a proud barca fans.

    1. Ezeobi Tochukwu Charles (@EzeobiTochukwuCharles)


  2. Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)


  3. Ezeobi Tochukwu Charles (@EzeobiTochukwuCharles)

    Football shouldn’t in any way be like religion or so to say religion shouldn’t be like religion. It’s bad they are in this way. Nice write up. Proudly a Chelsea fan.

    1. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

      proudly a Chelsea fan. just for laff

  4. Football and religion is long way apart.

    the similarities you fished out are just normal. you can’t liken messi to daddy adeboye at all.

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