Sex Machine 3 (18+)

I could feel her lips all over my umbrella she kept on sucking like her life depends on it,I felt like saying something but no word could come to my brain,it was already occupied with the spell of pleasure,for me this wasn’t love or lust cus I don’t love her I was too young to know what love was and I don’t lust after her because I knew lust is a sin,and so what it was I still can’t figure it out but whatever it was I think I loved it and would like to continue.This was not her first time of doing what she did but this was the first time it actually made me feel like this,after that day we had sex as many times as my umbrella could bear she started making me watch porn videos to improve my skills and trust me I was a fast learner,she monitored me while I gym for more strength and agility,I was young but no longer innocent while children of my age played football, I am busy in the room trying to impress ogechi with my sex performance and fortunately for her my umbrella is a very big one much more bigger than my age,I did it so hard that I always made ogechi scream which she enjoyed.
Now I sit on my car and watch children play with each other,playing games like bojuboju,who is in the garden,I see them pursuing each other both boys and girls playing with each other innocently and none thought of having sex with the other and then I find myself weeping, I never had this kind of beautiful childhood experience, before I could even know what sex was I had started having sex all thanks to ogechi.
When I got to PRI 5 I had had sex with several ladies, yes aunt ogechi or rather ogechi(she said me putting aunt in her name made her feel old)was not a selfish lady she had brought her friend to meet the machine she had created I was so good that she later started collecting money from them before she let me do my thing to them and they gladly paid,I never really complained cus sex to me now was fun.
I was still the second best in school even with my side job(smiles,I think I can now call it a job cus I am being paid for it) and Tolu had made friends with me she tells me about how her mum and dad had been taking her out and while she talked the things I was busy noticing were her little oranges that had started bulging out of her chest and while she walked she had this little calabash hanging at her lower posterior all this endowment were covered perfectly with her dress but I was imagining how it will look if I have it uncovered but I was scared or maybe does not want to expose her to my kind of life so I never made a move on her until one day…..

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  1. Emeka Oji-Dike (@Mexy)

    I had a similar experience, I feel your writing bro. Ride on!!!

  2. pharlaryeh (@pharlaryeh01)

    thanks bro I appreciate your comment

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