Rainfall In Enugu

And after a very long time
The one we missed returned.

Like the christians await the Lord’s coming,
His coming was heavily anticipated by all.
And he came in his great glory
On the day we lest expected, after all the wait
The sky announced its coming
Gleeful and naked, our children ran up and down the dusty road,
Thronged Eke market scattered on its day,
Strong winds, such that had not been seen ayore, blew lifeless objects into life
And up in the air, they flew in jocund
Loud blast greeted our auditory lobes
And our olfactories began to be caressed by the sweet smells of the earth.
It rained and rained and rained in Enugu.

We felt comfortable in our sleep thereafter,
Sicky shrubs regained their luscious greens
And the bald mountainous earth grew some hairs to cover its nakedness
Once again, life is good in Enugu.

One thought on “Rainfall In Enugu” by Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)

  1. Water is life.
    Rain is water.
    Therefore, Rain is life.

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