Nobody’s Business

Nobody’s Business

I am a poet describing nature
none of your busines if I have
mansion or live in a teary hut
curse me or spit on the sand I
step on, i chose the life I live now
Destiny choose me for this dream
Its nobody’s business what I do.

I have known girls from the hood
I have dated girls from the hood
many I have made a public hole
change their profile side-down-up
and they’re called unprintable names
its nobody’s business whom I choose
to marry now and tomorrow.

I have been to school and dropped out
I studied medicine and no result
I have always wanted to go to the sky
crack it bodies and return home
happy but mother rechannelled my
legs, now, I have no route in life
its nobody’s business the life I live.

I have no children to give me water
My house is littered by lizards and
Wallgecko describing dire poverty
even if I feed from hand to mouth
Leave me to my fate and eel destiny
Life is but a dotted scars in hearts
It’s nobody’s business to tell my tale.

My father reek of bottles of beers
He found home in gutters always
My mother is a furnace religionist
She found grace in arms of Bishops
Don’t mind what their children
will be tomorrow or today, It’s
nobody’s business to tell of their lives.

Christians are ambitious catholic
than Pope Francis of Roman catholic
why wag your mouth here and there?
why point your finger here and there?
what is your business with their lives?
Pull down the sun today if you like
You have no business with their lives.

I’ll keep wandering and get lost in the
Darkness, don’t look for me like your lost country; it’s none of your business
Remove those things in your eyes
before mine, I have no business with your businesses morning and night.
I choose the life I will lead for today.

I have no business with your
businesses, no, I don’t have any!
Marry as many wives as you like
Plenty your hair with fish hook
Paint part of your mustach grey not
my cup of tea to drink and get drunk
I have my own headache to think of.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

2 thoughts on “Nobody’s Business” by john chizoba vincent (@johnvincent)

  1. And its nobody’s biznes what I decide to comment.

    Nice write-up, flat and at the same time deep.
    like a rainfall of fire
    the words came caressing me tender encephalone.

    keep writing Vincent.

  2. Each man for himself. Great work

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