“Is Nigerian Police Really Your Friend?”

The rot and decadence in the Nigerian Police is devastating. I don’t even know If they cause more harm than good. They’ve proved themselves to b a tool of intimidation in the hands of the rich. Their actions always portray that they are out for hire to the highest bidder. I don’t know about other Nigerians o but I think NPF causes more harm in our society than good. My opinion though, we all know the “mocking” slogan of “The police is your friend” which is what it is supposed to be. They are supposed to protect lives and property belonging to the state but No, rather they go around intimidating innocent citizens. Their current Modus Operandi is 1st, “INTIMIDATE”, if they succeed in doing that, then they move on to the next level which is “EXPLOIT”. They look at the ordinary citizens as goods to be sold and made money from yet they are being paid salaries from taxpayers’ money. We feed them fat but the only thing they do is to victimize us. I’ll tell about some of my experiences with them in my next write up.

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