I Married A Mad Man (Episode 3)

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How is everyone doing? How has your year been? Again, I want to apologize for giving this story a very long break as well. 😪 I’ve been away doing a lot this past year. Please accept my apology. 😔

Okay so this is the continuation of the series I Married A Mad Man. If you would like to read the previous episodes, please click episode 1 and episode 2 

I hung out with Vanessa for a while before she said she had to leave. I could understand because she had been there with me for a few hours. I ended up smiling after all her cheering up which got me more relaxed. I couldn’t help but thank her as I watched her get into the car before driving off. I went back into the house, packed up the glasses and drinks I had served my friend, before going into my bedroom. I carried my work bag to my bed and brought out some files that needed to be reviewed. As I was going through them, I paused and looked at my phone. It was past 5:00pm and I hadn’t heard from David. I sighed when I remembered what Vanessa had said, “He’s a grown man and I’m sure he’ll know how to take care of himself.”

I just still didn’t feel right but I didn’t want to stress it, so I let it be.

I woke up with my files still opened all over the bed. I must have fallen asleep, I thought to myself. I looked at the time and it was almost 10:00pm, not a sign of David. I didn’t want to think too much so I packed my files back into my work bag and headed for the kitchen to dish out something to eat since I had only eaten the plantain and egg that I ate with Vanessa. I got into the kitchen, brought out the stew I had made the previous day to warm it up. I quickly cut slices of yam and kept it on the cooker to boil. While I was waiting for the food, I went into the sitting room to watch TV. I put it on and the first thing that came up was the show, My Fairytale wedding. I couldn’t help but hiss, not because of anything in particular but because it reminded me of too many things. I changed and changed channels until I settled for the TV series, Jenifa’s Diary. I managed to brighten up when I started watching it because I started laughing with tears in my eyes that I didn’t know when my husband walked in. The first thing he said to me, when I looked up to him was; “I hope you’re checking what you kept on the cooker,” before he went into our bedroom. I was partly shocked about his appearance but I jumped up realizing that I had forgotten the yam I kept on the cooker. I rushed into the kitchen, opened the pot and saw that the water was almost dried but the food wasn’t burning so I was relieved. I sieved the remaining water from the pot of yam before setting it back down to cool. I got into the room to find David undressing when I asked if he wanted me to served his food. He would usually say he wasn’t hungry but surprising he nodded and gave me the go ahead to dish his food out. This made me smile a bit, I wasn’t sure why but I did. Although I got a little angry because another public holiday was wasted with no communication between me and my husband.

I dished his food out first and set it on the table before going to dish out mine. He called me back and insisted that I eat with him instead so I went to sit with him surprised again. I took one the cutleries from its stand and sat with him to eat. We ate in silence for a while before I spoke out; “How was your day David?” I asked but later on, thinking that I shouldn’t have asked because the next thing he said was;

“Can’t someone enjoy a meal in peace? You want to start with your interrogations eh?”

I looked at David with shock written all over my face, not knowing what to even say next except apologize and continue with the meal in silence. At least he didn’t get so angry and stand up, so I thought to myself. I didn’t even want to look at his face as we ate together. It wasn’t long when we ran out of yam and I asked David if he wanted some more but he declined so I packed up the plates and went into the kitchen. I was happy to be away from his presence for a while. This wasn’t supposed to be so but ever since David’s attitude changed, it had been difficult to actually face him and just be in the same room with him, let alone talk to him. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I had to calm down. When I was done with cleaning up the dishes, I put out the kitchen light. As I got to the sitting room to head for our bedroom, I saw David on the couch watching TV so I slowly walked away. I went to take a shower before climbing in bed. I turned the main lights off, then put on the side lamps just in case David came in and didn’t want to turn on the main lights. I pulled the duvet to my shoulder before closing my eyes and drifting into the night.

About an hour later, I woke up to some movements. I knew David had just walked into the room. He put out the side lamps before climbing in bed. I had been backing him with my eyes closed when he came up behind me and held my waist. By that move, I knew he was demanding for sex. As much as it was the last thing I wanted to do with him, I didn’t want to deny him of it so I turned and let him take charge.

The next morning, I woke up around 5:00am to do my household duties before preparing for work. David usually woke up two hours after I was awake so I tried to clean the house as much I could, prepare breakfast for him, before going to prepare for work. By the time David was waking up, I had just finished from the shower so I quickly dressed up because I didn’t want to run late. When I was done dressing up, I let David know that I had set his food on the dining table. He kissed me on the forehead and then I left the house. I got to work just a few minutes before our first meeting of the day. We were having a meeting with the CEO of the company concerning some issues that arose between an employee and a customer. The issue had escalated so bad that the employee was brought before an audience and the customer almost sued the company. Anyway, the CEO, Mr. Francis was a nice man who once helped me out in a situation some time ago. That morning he only wanted have a discussion with every employee so it didn’t turn out as bad as people had already predicted. After the meeting, he called me aside and said he needed to speak to me since I was the Managing director of the company.

As I got to meet him, he let me know about his thoughts and decision on what happened in order to prevent such from happening again. I also gave him my suggestion since I was asked and so we both talked about a few things before coming up with a solution. I left his presence, having taken down my tasks for that moment. I had a long day of work so I was very busy with a lot of things though my thoughts drifted to my husband who I thought about often. I remembered last night and how awkward it had been between David and I. I shook off the thought when someone knocked on my door and in came the secretary who brought in a file. Another file that was to be added to my pile. I went over a few of them before leaving my office for lunch break. I went into the company’s cafeteria and walked up to Cynthia who was standing at the counter. I looked at the variety of food displayed in the food trays and shelves looking for something to eat. After standing for about two minutes, I decided to have meat pie and a drink. I collected the snack after I had paid, and made my way to one of the seats in the cafeteria. I sat down, checking the time on my phone before digging in and enjoy my first meal for the day. I didn’t notice when Mr. Francis came up and sat on the same table where I was seated. I was quite surprised to see him there or maybe he should have been the one to be surprised because I was rarely in the cafeteria. When he was settled in his chair, I greeted him and he responded. I told him that I was quite surprised to see him at the cafeteria because he was our ‘oga’ and he said to me;

“Well…this ‘oga’ is also a human being like the rest. Isn’t it madam?”

I nodded and smiled. We chatted for a while but I had to go because I still had lots to do so I left him for my desk after excusing myself.

To be continued…

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