Green Oil Location

Green Oil Location


The legs runs not at will without wheels,
Not with a sloppy slide to decline at ease.
Blinded by my birth certificate for love,
Forced to cry to satisfy superstition.

The eyes are closed to change the look,
Now is open to studying the incredible.
Everything was magical to my little view,
Bribed our unity to change our location.

The body was shaped to look alike,
Nothing was done to revive our psyche.
Ahh! My flashback ends with a loudy cry, They factioned our unity to earn easy oil.

Our acceptance was their good rating,
Not our inborn trait but their imposition.
Fake smiles was cheered to confuse us,
As our feedback gained fake promotion.

The heaven shower the earth for a return,
Not to expel the bad but turn them better.
Attack wasn’t as strong as His powers,
Let’s empower the youths for relocation.

Without a university educational right,
Came the muse in unreachable decree.
As our forefathers loved their brothers,
For Abureni, Odual and Ogbia is our pride.

Lawlessness is drowning our pledge,
What a chattered idea to still our home.
Let the location bridge our communism,
And the concrete be our symbol of unity.

Buildings are not enough to separate us,
As the evidence exist in our unique accent.
Don’t be a victim of their divide and rule,
As today’s Bayelsa was once in Rivers State.


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  1. Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

    sigh!!! pleasant!

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