Forced To Be You

Forced To Be You


We are forced to learn the past of others all in the name of education, Forced to make mistakes in turn for blind correction.

Forced to get marry in the name of raising family,
Forced to eat in turn to grow plumpy and healthy.

Forced to work in the name of making money,
Forced to spend in the name of having treasures.

Forced to kill in turn for sacrifices without a church testimony,
Forced to die and inherit a new paradise, without another earth.

Forced to respect in turn for enslavery,
Forced to expect without any fulfilment.
Forced to smile without a meal,
Forced to hate and eat unforgiveness.

Forced to understand the sitting teacher without teaching,
Forced to wake while still feeling sleepy.

Forced to remain silent to the issues of life,
Forced to maintain the status quo of negativity.

Forced to walk in blackout without fear,
Forced to believe in the unknown without saying No.

Forced to speak the foreign language just to win award,
Forced to say yes as the solution to our past wrongs.

Forced to learn the feigns of festivities without activities,
Forced to explain the extra ordinary without a dictionary.

Forced to accept the tomorrow as best just to borrow,
Forced to believe religion as extremism.

Forced to be a believer because I’m born here, else because you’re born there.
Forced to attend a meeting to escape prejudice.

Forced to be like who we cannot become foiled in vanity,
Forced to serve humans instead of God.


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