For The BoyChild: for boys like me

For The BoyChild: for boys like me

For boys like me,
who think quitting is a better passport
to create dreams, remember Eisten.
For boys like me,
whose brains are fire & water, oceans are splashes of thoughts interwoven.
Its unbroken. unwritten. Unsecured.
Its carnal desires are sore throat hurts.
List your spiritual needs before the wind pilot light & song echoes into sound of time past.
Boys like me don’t give up but fight on.

For boys like me,
whose fingers hold dreams daily. Separate yourself from the role the society foist in you to carry like shadow.
I have never give up from a quest to
be better that was why I made poetry a father to help gather my sanity always.
For those boys like me…
On your sisters bodies are another world created by your parents’ sarcasm.
Boys like me don’t live by that ideology.

For boys like me,
home is a prison yard like schools are but don’t you speak ill of it but if you do,
Call yourself a brave man for that is the first step of becoming a man of purpose.
Find freedom & resourceful enterprises, men are men at the crossroad of loneliness and loveliness and liveliness.
Teach your tongue to hold death ransom
I have done that like a million times & never was I burn by it fierce spirit.
Boys like me find freedom and power.

For boys like me,
whose mind is to stop the growth of dead bodies around the cracked world,
Whose dreams are to build more schools that bridge ignorance & stupid monk,
For boys like me,
Whose fingers are learning to beat down our playground which has been turned into a graveyard; your eyes will not see darkness of this ancestry ancient lies told by our leaders to rule wickedly.
Boys like me are not lion running after survival.

For boys like me in their dreams
Words are only our weapon of warfare,
It last longer than time and survival,
Train yourself in the act of wordwars
And let your face be carved on the sky.

©John Chizoba Vincent

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