I can not Hope for a greater honour than death in the service of My Lord and this Great Empire”

Those were his words,

And they had Ruined Him,

He Looked at his chained hands and felt his lips curve into a sardonic smile, He had always professed his undying loyalty to his king and he was the one who in fact offered to attempt to broker a truce between the Raiders and His Lord.

He Had set out for their War Camp confident in the fact that he could Obviously Outwit the Savages, But alas he was not given the opportunity in his own words to gift the raiders with the present of Logic and Higher Reasoning because no sooner than came within close distance of the Raider War Camp, his party a had been discovered by a Cursed Group of Raider Scouts, but after several pleas that they were only here to discuss a truce which at first very immediately fell on deaf ears, and even after a very serious incident where Aare Okunade had attempted to flee the situation abandoning his men to their gruesome fate,

His Party was eventually assured by the scouts that they would be allowed into the war camp on the condition that the dropped their Weapons and Horses and allowed themselves to be bound hand and foot, Aare Okunade Immediately agreed to the conditions and earnestly flung his sword into oblivion, “Trust Me” he told his men “Superior Intellect would render even the most fearsome Weapon Useless”

And surprisingly his men maybe out of fear or maybe it was a glowing tribute to Aare Oratory skills, were beginning to disarm themselves until Lasisi “A burly meat-brained Oaf, Whose Soul would be Tortured for eternity” had decided within himself that he would not only be unfortunate but would also drag every member of his group into his Madness and had in a moment of utter lunacy decided that hurling a javelin into the skull of one of the scouts was the best way to defuse the situation, Funny thing was the Scouts agreed because they immediately answered in kind and very brutally slaughtered most of Aare Okunade’s Party, sparing only the ones who had the good sense to immediately cower and beg for their lives,

The Scouts Proved themselves to be honorable individuals because true to their Word, Aare Okunade and Other Survivors Were Bound Hand and Foot, Led into the Raider Camp but in an expected twist, they were promptly thrown into a cabin on the ship were other prisoners of war were kept

And thus ended Aare Okunade’s Brief sojourn as a diplomat, a Perilous Journey that ended without even a single audience from the King, who was blissfully unaware that somewhere in a dark and extremely smelly cabin, a man whose intellect and wisdom could end this terrible war was being kept prisoner.

He slowly looked around the ship’s cabin and wondered how these Wretched souls could sleep so soundly even after they had been captured by the enemy and were stuffed on a ship bound for heaven knows where, Lowly Peasant’s, he thought to himself, perhaps their lives weren’t so different from those of a slave’s

As he Fought the Throbbing pain in his temple, he heard a small voice call out from the darkness asking “Aare (Lord Chancellor) E Gba Mi (Please Help Me), Mi o Fe Ku (I Dont Want to Die)” and He answered gently “Dont Fret Child, The Heavens Will Save Us”

And under the thundering sky, the ship’s anchor was cut loose and it began its journey,

Its Journey into the Endless Void.

And ElseWhere The Order was Bellowed


Upon that Command various Mailed hands release their hands and watched their arrows fly into the Night, Their Flaming Tips Racing Towards the Object Floating listlessly into the distance.

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