An Incorrigible Student

An Incorrigible Student

boarding school boys
boarding school boys

…hmmm it begins with just a habit

The world is doing it and is a normal thing

That goes on and on in the present day will live in

Everyone is chasing this and that mixing up with all sorts

An incorrigible students


A child left to himself will bring nothing but shame

Lost to his/her ways as everything seems so wright in their eyes

Lost it all chase it all and leaving forgetting the manner of person

Such a one is like a book that will soon left the shelf

An incorrigible students


Deaf to godly counsel

Shun the way of righteous

Chasing bad manners lost it all on the table of self will

As the world marches on morals are loosing it all out

Casting deaf ears to all and sundry


Wasted it all out the days of opportunity

You lost it all because of going with the crowd

An incorrigible student casting deaf ears to every counsel

Is better you discover yourself earlier before something else

You lost it all out regret comes sudden


He who harden is heart will soon head to destruction

Anyone who refuses to take yield to instruction

Will never go far in life is better you put a pause to that life of yours

And seat back and think about the life you are living

Is better to be late then to be early


There is a road that seems right to one in such a ones eye

But the end of such road is destruction think through

And yields to the counsel of the elders in your youth

If you failed not and you choose to be heady and too hard to contain

Remember life is two sided coin

The investment of today will pay off tomorrow

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