An Amazing Woman

I’ve heard people eulogize others,
I’ve heard men extol virtues in men,
Whether it be true or no, I do not know.
Now listen ye to this beautiful truth, try to gainsay it if you could. I know the best person in the world
Heart of pure gold beyond a doubt
The milk of human kindness from her out pours. And even if I have a bullet stuck in my brains, I wouldn’t stop blessing God for a wonderful angel like her.
She is goodness personified, a daughter of Zion blessed beyond reproach. My life she touched, my vices torched. She have been to me what a shell is to a snail. Without her, there won’t be a journey to start with, nor a race to win.
I will go on my knees to have her name inscribed on a million cities
For she is the light with which my future can be seen from years away.
She is the reason for the recovery of a thousand heads who were led astray.
Tell me where she got her magical heart and brain, and I promise to be born again.
And the loftiest of all heights in this world, momma have attained even with a single degree.
Should she get a mission across the Bermuda triangle, I’ll always go with her.
Cause she have proven herself to be an accomplice more than what the records can keep. I bless her hope to be so fruitful like a cashew tree. I will forever celebrate her, each time, each day.
Just one prayer for her, Oh! Maker of man, as many more days like this, be celebrated of her by them that love her. Within and beyond our national lines in an ocean of peace, abundance and joy, with smiles and laughter, uninterrupted may she swim.
Herein and hereafter she shall my mother and greatest admirer be.

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