A Word To Wives

To keep your marriage smiling
Never point your finger on the
Hungry face of your husbands,
Never dream like a woman in
the Disney World Series of lies
and paint that clothed sorrows

To keep your love brimming,
Never accuse your husband
Of the missing meat in the pot.
Husbands don’t dwell much
In picking meat from drowning pot.
Learn to carve yourself in a
Mirror of your mind off things.

To keep your marriage laughing
With love in a loving family,
Whenever you are wrong,
Accept it and cry a little for him.
Whenever you are right, keep
Your mouth shut in the closet
Husbands are made of egos.

To keep your marriage working,
Love to cook and never remain
Busy in the sinful kitchen for fun.
The cloud that covers marriages
Are obtaining pleasant hut that
Carries charms of destruction.
Men are bodies of passwords
Hashed in anger and frustration.

To keep your marriage like bodies
embroidered in the morning bosom,
Try the pot of coffee tabled in the heart
Of happiness and excitement in the
Heart of your husband’s name.
Learn to love and love again like a ghost
Of life trying to please divinity softness.

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

One thought on “A Word To Wives” by john chizoba vincent (@johnvincent)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Nice poem…but it is not easy, men can push too far sometimes

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