A Failed Teacher

A Failed Teacher

They said it takes a woman

To give birth to a child

Then it takes the whole village

To raise the child,


Then what happens?

When the village goes to sleep

What happens to such a child?

A failed teacher forgotten his responsibility

…Hmmm taking by the wind


As a guide, tutor, instructor

An epitome of worthy example to the ones

Such a teacher is leading

Either a failed mired teacher

Heading for mass destruction


A failed teacher…hmmm

Is one who has lost it all out

In the eye of the student he/she is leading

Making the student to becoming to heady to contain

Towards the rest of the few good ones (teachers)


Lost without remedy

Gone with the wind

Wasted, busted and fade out

With disgrace left to less to just a common grass

A piece of paper wasted basket

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