You Should Be Mine

I mourn a loss so painful
You would think it was death
Knowing I could have owned this
Now I have to steal it
Need this like nothing else
I was too proud to see

Mourning while pretending
Forever doomed to secret regret
The shrug of that year haunts so keen
I just want to drown in alcohol
I just want to own this
I just want to not be the loser

I lost in love, my prince
I could not admit my attraction
When I should have seized the moment
Knowing you should be my champion
Chose to wait for you to see
How I feel about you inside

Now I am just the one who lost out
The one who now meets you secretly
I am just the one who cannot get enough of you
The one you seem to want with you
I am the one still waiting hopefully
Waiting to hear “I love you”

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