Water Scarcity, Tale of a wounded Lion

I woke up suddenly feeling throat dry, at about 8pm in the evening. After serious search for water, I came to experience its real sweetness with the little I found.
After pondering over what to do next, I decided to take a move, even if it will be futile. Snatching one gallon beside, I set off in search of water bearing in mind that I can’t afford to go hungry that night.
I was curious to ask some group of students who I met returning with buckets of water where they fetched from, but received no reply until I was told by another set returning with empty buckets that that the former fetched from Old Carolina. “Where is it?”, I asked. That was when I see myself, after receiving no reply, supposed to be ashamed not to have known Old caro after many years in UNN.
With an intense desire to get water that night, I raced with few others towards the possible destination in order to be among the very first. My eyes were pretty scared at the kind of queue it saw there, waiting hopefully under one tap yet to produce water. Gallons and buckets forming an endless shape. With that, I headed straight back with few others, heads down dissapointingly like Chelsea players, bartered a week before by Watford.
I looked with awe at the constanct eleclectricity supply, being wasted which could have been used to pump water. Water became more valuable than gold. Cooking and laundry has drastically been reduced. I doubt if some boys take their bath to classes anymore. Long queues are now seen early every morning heading towards Jimbaz in search of water.
It has become obviously clear to many that a lion can probably survive in the den for weeks without light, but will be difficult to do so without water.
My only thought then was “Is Ozurumba aware of the situation?, or does he want another students protest before acting”.

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