The Writers Pen

Make sure you write all what you can write

Bringing in the best brain you got in your arsenal of thinking faculty

Make sure you do to write in history and stood out

Standing out not to sell gossip but real honest news

The writer’s pen


As in ink never runs dry

Make sure you never run dry of inspiration

And in all you do make sure is done in good conscience

Just as conscience is the eye of the soul

Likewise is the pen that guides out the gush of inspiration


Inspiration will keep on flowing as long

As there is a mind cleared out of evil mthought

Not writing down your fellow man nor trying to cause problem

As each day accords you with the right to write the wrong in history

The writer’s pen


In time like these

Will need the pen who cannot lie

Will need just not anyhow ‘pen but pen

Pen who will seat up and write up till the dust

Raising up from the dew of the dawn to dusk


In time like these

When the social media is coming to the forefront of everything

News are first hand be served to the world via the power of the online media

As no one battle to take on the air space creating a niche for themselves

When nations are getting hold of the social media to voice out their opinions

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  1. Temilade Evelyn (@Evelynn)

    I Think this is a Very Good one.

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